Tips for Saving Money on Meat

Posted on Mar 26 2017 - 12:05pm by Liz E.


Meat is by far the most expensive part of any meal. In fact, for some meals it’s really the only expense, as things like flour and veggies are often more cost-effective in bulk. However, while we’ve talked about saving money on food, there are some very different tactics that can be used to try and save a little bit of money with meat.

1. Buy less expensive cuts

Sure, a steak is great, but the less expensive cuts can taste just as good, provided you know how to prepare them properly. Next time you’re at the store, look for the cheaper cuts of meat or the bone-in and use those instead.

2. Use smaller portion sizes

Here in America, large portion sizes are almost expected, but there’s nothing wrong with cutting a large chicken breast in half and only eating half of it. You can also dice up meat in dishes to make it go further.

3. Buy in bulk

Although many of my recipes call for a pound of hamburger, I never buy just a pound of hamburger. Instead, buy the five pounds at once and then separate them into smaller amounts and place them in freezer bags. You’ll end up paying less per pound that way, and then you’ll be set for later.

4. Serve filling side dishes

No one is going to complain that there wasn’t enough meat if they are stuffed from some delicious side dishes! Potatoes are my personal favorite as they taste yummy and are quite filling. However, pasta, rice, and beans are all great choices as well if you’re looking to make the meat go a little further.

5. Buy reduced price meat

When you are looking through the freezer section, keep an eye out for reduced price meat. Usually this is meat that is close to its use-by date, so make sure you check that and either freeze or use before that date. However, if you’re savvy you can get quite a good deal on cuts that you wouldn’t otherwise afford. You can also talk to the clerks and ask what day they reduce meat and shop on those days.

6. Don’t eat meat every day

So, this is almost a cheating one, but one of the easiest ways to save money on meat is to simply eat less of it. Make sure that you do something like eggs or have nuts for a snack in order to still get a little protein!


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