16 Things I Always Buy at Aldi

Posted on Apr 20 2017 - 12:24pm by Liz E.

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Aldi has to be my absolute favorite store. I don’t know what I’d do without one in town, as I do the bulk of my shopping there. However, as with all discount stores there are some things that are a great deal and other things that really just aren’t worth the money.

Although Aldi tends to have something of a bad reputation, the store has really improved recently and even added a variety of new items including baby food and gluten free food. So, if you’re looking to save some money, here are some things that you should always purchase at Aldi if you get the chance:

  1. Fruit and veggies – The fresh fruits and veggies at Aldi are cheaper and better quality than Walmart! Its canned items are also priced better and good quality too, but be sure to read the label closely to make sure you’re getting the right thing.

  2. Eggs – Eggs are nearly always (but not always) cheaper at Aldi. Today, they are $0.49 although I’ve seen them as much as $2 depending on supply and demand. Always check Aldi before going anywhere else.

  3. Milk – It’s WAY cheaper at Aldi and the exact same quality. It often lasts a little longer too, as Aldi goes through more product, but make sure to check the dates.

  4. Cheese – There are even more cheese options and they are all excellent. I buy feta weekly for my salads and breakfast dishes, and the extra sharp cheddar is to die for. The store also occasionally carries specialty international cheeses, which are much cheaper than other places.

  5. Butter – You can buy a huge tub of margarine for less than $2, or buy sticks of real butter for dirt cheap.

  6. Frozen ground hamburger – I tend to be cautious about the non-frozen meat until I’m familiar enough with the store, as I’ve seen some Aldi locations that were a tad sketchy. The store I shop at is perfectly fine, however. Regardless, the frozen ground hamburger is a great deal.

  7. Breakfast sausage – I love breakfast sausage, and Aldi’s is my favorite. It cooks well, isn’t too spicy, and doesn’t have tons of add-ins. If you’re used to anything other than mild sausage, though, you may find it bland.

  8. Pasta – Pasta is pasta, no matter where you get it, and I find that the Aldi brand tends to use more wholesome ingredients;0 plus it’s cheaper.

  9. Spices and condiments – There are fewer choices, but the quality and price are better if you’re shopping for basics like ketchup, mustard, or basic salad dressings. The spices are actually pretty decent quality too and the bottles are larger, although once again, there are fewer choices.

  10. Cereal – I LOVE Aldi cereal as they mostly lack artificial ingredients and are therefore are healthier (or, at least, as healthy as cereal can be). The variety isn’t bad and it isn’t too hard to tell what the off-brand is mimicking.

  11. Bread and tortillas – You have to watch the expiration dates here, but some Aldi stores carry not only pre-sliced bread but artisan breads that are good quality. I’m especially fond of the croissants and the Italian bread.

  12. Juice – If you’re a fan of non-concentrated orange juice, Aldi has great prices. Occasionally there will also be other flavors like strawberry kiwi.

  13. Coffee creamer – I used to buy a lot of coffee creamer, but recently I’ve been doing more half-and-half. Both are cheaper here and taste exactly the same as the expensive stuff.

  14. Honey – I love herbal teas with honey, and fortunately Aldi has some really delicious clover honey that is surprisingly cheap. Otherwise I’d never be able to afford this habit.

  15. Baking items – flour, sugar, baking soda, chocolate chips… Aldi has all of the basic baking ingredients and they are ridiculously cheaper than you can find basically anywhere else. People always ask me how I can afford to bake all the time. This is my secret: I get most of it at Aldi.

  16. Specialty items – Aldi has a really neat international food section and a weekly special section which has unusual items that you can’t get anywhere else. These items are great if you’re looking for something different and have a few extra dollars to spend. For example, every fall I stock up on the pumpkin cider bottles, and around Christmas there is usually some really good chocolate. I always take a walk down the aisle to see if there is anything neat there. Be warned though: these items often go quick so if you see something you want to try, make sure to buy it then or it will likely be gone by the next week.

As you can probably tell, I really do a vast majority of my shopping at Aldi. It’s always my first stop and it’s amazing how much you can save simply by going there first. Anything that Aldi doesn’t have, I put on a separate list and then go to Walmart to pick up. Usually this means I’m only getting three or four things at Walmart (mostly cat food and toiletries) which helps my budget immensely.

Give it a shot and let me know if you found anything awesome!!

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