5 Money Making Ideas You Can do Now Even If You Do Not Have Money

Posted on Feb 26 2009 - 4:44pm by Patty

coins Need a way to make money but can’t find a job, and do not have money to invest in a work at home business?  Chances are you are in the same boat many of us are, worried about the economy, hanging on to every penny you have and wishing that you could find more pennies to add to it.

There are a lot of ways to make a few extra dollars, perhaps even more depending on the skills you possess. I am only going to share five with you today, but the list is much much longer, take some time to assess your skills, and then think of ways you can use them.

  • If you do not think you have any skills there are still things you can do to make extra money but be prepared to do a few of them to make any real difference.
  • One dollar does not seem like much but when you add it to 9 more dollars, all of a sudden you have something worth working for.
  • Then multiply that $10 by 30 days in a month and you have a good size savings deposit or maybe your families food budget for the entire month.

Surveys –  Surveys along with paid search programs and click programs are a great way to put a few extra dollars every month into your saving account. While the amount will not be huge, with diligence it can amount to a nice chunk of change when added all together. If you are interested in different survey sites check out the list at our forums.

ebay EBay – EBay is a great way to make a bit of extra cash off of your extra items at home, and many a mom has done just that, but what happens when you run out of items to EBay?  Do not stop there, hit  the garage sales, flea markets and second hand stores, if you have been EBaying for a while then you already know what sells, if not do some research at EBay and forums dedicated to EBay to find out what does sells.

If you have a lot of friends in your neighborhood that are busy why not offer to sell their items for them for a commission? EBay selling businesses are cropping up all over the place, people may not understand the computer or EBay but would like to take advantage of the wide market for selling their items.

One last thought about EBay, there are many drop shippers out there that are making a good income doing nothing more than connecting customer with company and getting a commission to do so. This option requires a bit of research to avoid scams and bad companies, so do a lot of reading before you jump in with both feet.

Blogging – Lots of people do not realize that they can make money by writing about what they do. Then again lots more people think they can set up a space in cyberspace and the dough comes rolling in. Trust me this is definitely not true, but with a lot of effort and time blogging can pay off. Keep your expectations low, and your drive high and I pretty much guarantee you that your work will produce results.

Some great places to learn about starting your own blog for profit are, Pro Blogger,

Pretty Your Blog  and Blogsessive.

Money is made by placing ads on your blog, the most popular of which is Google Adsense which you get money for each ad that is clicked on. The income may not be high especially not at first but it adds up. You can add sponsors, other affiliate advertising, and E-books later as you go. Blogs can be completely free by going to Blogger.com or WordPress.com  or you can spend less than five dollars per month and have your own domain name and website. This is really the best way to go if you can, since it is easier to find on the internet and gives you many more options to work with.

E-books – If you have knowledge about a particular subject say for instance desert gardening, or consider yourself to be a highly creative cook that invents your own recipes in a special niche area, it might be worth your time to write an E-book. You will not need any special software for it, simply write it in your word processing software and either use a plugin if you have MS Word or find one of a number of different sites that will convert your documents to Adobe PDF format for free.

Once your document is in PDF format, you can market it thru Click bank or Amazon.com, if you have chosen your subject well and set your price right this can definitely bring you closer to your monthly goal for savings.

Mystery Shopping – This is a job that has been surround by controversy, speculation, and scammers for some time. Truth is you can make money doing this, you will not get rich, you will not come home with expensive cosmetics or designer jeans but you might come home with a full stomach, or a beautiful haircut and with a few extra dollars in your pocket.

The trick to Mystery Shopping is doing your homework, take some time to read over the Mystery Shopping Providers Association website, follow their recommendations, and you will find yourself hooked up with reputable companies in your area. This site requires each company in its association to agree to a code of ethics, guaranteeing you that you will not be scammed. They also provide certifications that will help you get a job, they do cost money buy if you are really interested in becoming a mystery shopper they will help you a great deal.

You might not get rich but then if you are reading this blog I can honestly say you probably do not care about getting rich just staying ahead of the game. These are just a few of the ways you can make some extra cash for your emergency fund, there are plenty more for the determined person, looking for a way to make money.

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