Recycling For Cash – Trading Trash for Dollars

Posted on Feb 21 2009 - 10:54pm by Patty


We all know that recycling is a good thing, and who as a kid did not stroll down side streets collecting aluminum to turn in for extra pocket money?  These days it seems like most recycling is done as an act of conscious or by law set by our county and city governments.  Some of us are shocked to find we actually have to pay to do the right thing turning in what would otherwise be trash in landfills.

Can you still make money by recycling?

Depends- What is your purpose in recycling, what are you trying to recycle, and who are you taking it too.

It is altogether possible to pocket a bit of extra cash by recycling if you know what to save/collect and where to take it.

Scrap Metals – This includes aluminum, copper, iron among others.  Aluminum and copper nearly always sell as does scrap silver and gold which is often harder to come by, other types of metal will sell depending on the market.  This simply requires an eye for what is around you; there are many items that qualify for the scrap metal market, old hot water heaters, gutters, pipes, sinks, copper tubing and old appliances. This does require some place to store all this stuff, and if you like me hate clutter this is probably not the best way to make your money. Money adds up fast for scrap metals, so it will not take you long to have a load worth taking to the local recycler.  Call around before you collect to find out what they take, and what their rates are not all of them are these same so it pays to call more than one.

Of course don’t forget the aluminum, the average household uses lots of it, you will not get rich for it, but every little bit adds up.

Ink Cartridges – How many of us toss these little guys in the trash not even thinking about what they might be worth. Take them to Staples and get a $3 coupon for each one you recycle.

Plastic Bags – There are a number of stores that will pay you to bring back your plastic bags every time you shop, others that will give you a discount for bringing in your own bags, up to 3 cents a bag at most stores.

Plastic and Glass Bottles – If you live in or near a state that recycles these you will get from .03-.05 cents each from recycling these. Look on the sides of your bottles they will tell you if you can get a deposit back for them.  When you take walks keep your eyes open looking for these guys that nickel can add up really fast.

Computers – There are thousands of old computers in this country that have ended up in landfills, many more that inhabit closets, basements and spare rooms, with owners who are unsure what to do with them. Place an ad in your local paper offering to take junk computers. The circuit boards in them contain gold and other precious metals, and can be sold for recycling. Some spare working parts can also be resold alone on places such as Craig list or EBay.

Cell Phones – There are many sites that will pay you for your spare old phones. Prices can range from $3 to $30

Set Aside Room in Your Garage or House

If you are really serious about recycling for money you may want to set aside room in your home somewhere, purchase some bins to sort different recyclables into.

One last tip, if you dumpster dive, then add this to the list of things you collect, there simply is no end to the garbage you will find that can make you money if you do a bit of digging.

Finally if you need any more reasons to recycle then check out these sites.

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