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Posted on Mar 26 2009 - 2:05pm by Patty

dollars Pay To click sites are becoming increasingly popular for people to earn a bit of extra money. It is also becoming a more popular way for websites and businesses to advertise.

Here is the lowdown on 3 Pay Per Click sites that just might be worth your time.

*Disclaimer*  Yes I have added my referral link to each of these Pay Per click sites, BUT I am also adding a direct link to the site if you would choose not to use the referral link that is OK. My purpose here is not to make money but simply to review these sites, but of course I am going to post my referral link wouldn’t you? Either way the choice is yours!!

Click Sense – This is the site most people are familiar with. Initial sign up with click sense is free. Once you register you can begin to click on ads, these ads claim to run from .01  to 5.00 but nobody I know has ever gotten one of the 5.00 clicks, the most I have ever heard of is .50.

There is a premium option that will cost you $10.00, and as I understand it this option pays out considerably more, but you can still earn cash by clicking for free. Many people really like the premium options and say it is well worth the upgrade.

Payout is in the form of a check sent direct to your home, you can request payment as early as $10 but with a three dollar processing fee it is advised that you wait. They pay out at the end of every month after you reach your payment threshold.

After sign up you will head to the log in page, and click on their browse ads. The clicks will come up on the window along with how much each click is worth. Once you click on an ad you are required to leave that window open for 30 seconds. Once the 30 seconds is up then you can click on the link at the top of the window and receive your credit.

It does not seem like much but those pennies add up over time, and these guys do pay out. It is not a lot of effort for a pennie and when you combine it with other pay to click and pay to search programs it can all add up pretty fast.

My affiliate link http://www.clixsense.com/?2736899

Direct link to their site http//www.clixsense.com

Sunshine Rewards – A bit different that Click Sense in that it is a loyalty program that pays you for reading emails, surveys and shopping as well as visiting websites.I do not have a whole lot of experience with this program just yet, but a lot of people love it. Pay out is in the form gift cards, Pay pal or Disney Dollars, and you must reach $10 for gift cards, and $20 for the other two.

Sunshine rewards gives you a lot more chances to earn, but it may take you a bit more time to access those earnings. In addition to giving you points for shopping at some of your favorite merchants, Sunshine rewards offers surveys from Greenfield OTX both well known in the survey world.

Trial offers are also a popular offer at Sunshine rewards such as Netflix. Each programs payout varies widely you can earn anywhere from .01 up to $10 or $20 depending on the offers you complete.

Cashout with these guys can be requested at anytime, but you must have a minimum of $10 in your account, and you must have been a member for 45 days.

My Referral link – http://www.sunshinerewards.com/signup.php?r=14334

Direct Link – http://www.sunshinrewards.com

YouData – This company is new to the pay to click world, but they show a lot of promise. I have been a member there for just 3 days and have already earned $4. They pay out every week to PayPal and have no payment threshold so you get paid regardless of what you earn. The biggest drawback to the program right now, is there are not a lot of clicks since they are new. People have reported receiving payouts from them however, so they are for real.

Once you sign up you are asked to fill out a profile, this assists them in assigning ads to you. Once it is complete you click on the adgets page which is where you will find your ads. You have 2 choices at this point you can download an Adobe Air application to your desktop to serve up ads, or you can visit their site a few times a day to check up on ads.

One tip, there is a slider bar that allows you to donate to your favorite website or charity, if you do not wish to donate be sure the move that bar all the way to the left.

My referral link http://www.youdata.com/join/thriftymom63

Direct Link http://www.youdata.com

Again please do not feel obligated to sign up under my referral it is only there for those who wish to do so. This post is informational only and meant to help moms out there who wish to make a bit of extra income to help their families out.

Tomorrow paid to search programs!

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