30 Frugal Days Till Christmas – 19 Links and 100’s of Frugal Gifts For Christmas

Posted on Nov 25 2012 - 9:52pm by Patty

18 Links and 100’s of Frugal Gifts For ChristmasBeing frugal through the holidays is the hardest thing ever for a lot of people, and for some it can undo all of the hard work they have put in throughout the year. So for everyday for the next 30 days I am going to offer a link/links to help you be more frugal through the holidays. These links will help you in the effort to be more frugal but still get the most out of your Holidays.

Since frugal gift giving is the one thing that is most on people’s minds I am going to start this list out with easy frugal gifts you can make. You are not out of time to make gifts for those on your list, but you will need to get started now and they have to be easy, so that is what this list will focus on. I hope you find something that will help you get through the holidays with your bank just a little bit fuller.

  1. 30 Gifts you Can Makehttp://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2008/11/13/a-do-it-yourself-christmas-34-great-gifts-you-can-make-yourself/  Not all of these gifts are fast, but all of them are simple and many of them can be made with your own talent and ingenuity. What I love about this list is that it reminds us that some of the best gifts are those that come from the heart.
  2. List of 100 Frugal Christmas Giftshttp://www.biblemoneymatters.com/100-frugal-creative-homemade-christmas-gifts/  Not all of the gifts on this list are homemade, but what I love about this list is the wide range of gifts available on it. With 100 gifts you are sure to find something fast, easy and frugal for a loved one.
  3. 6 Homemade Gifts People Will Usehttp://www.wisebread.com/are-you-dreaming-of-a-frugal-christmas-6-things-you-can-make-that-people-on-your-list-will-use-and-w  A short list but one that offers some really cool ideas for gift giving, all of which can be made in a reasonably short amount of time. If you are searching for something you can do for someone special maybe one of these ideas will suite your needs.
  4. For Knitters http://happyfrugalchristmas.blogspot.com/2008/11/frugal-christmas-gifts-to-make-5.html if you love to knit these wrist warmers might make the perfect choice for your preteen or teen, they are all the rage and you may have an easier time to get these on them on a chilly morning than gloves.
  5. Pinterest is one of the hottest ideas going these days for those looking to get creative, this pinner  http://pinterest.com/msqueen/frugal-gifts/ has over 80 ideas for frugal gifts you can make for your family and friends all in one spot. This is a great find and you will love the diverse ideas available here.
  6. 6 Back to basics ideas your gift recipient will love http://www.thefrugalgirl.com/2009/12/6-frugal-homemade-christmas-gifts/  If you love to be in the kitchen here are some ideas that might make the perfect gift for someone on your list. A lot of people do not have the time or skills to cook so why not take them some nice warm bread or make them some Homemade jam or jelly?
  7. These oh so easy Christmas Ornaments are fast and easy to make and your loved ones will love them. http://moneysavingqueen.com/December-2011/Frugal-Christmas-Gifts-Day-20-Glitter-Glass-Ornaments/
  8. Do you love Gift Baskets? Here are a nice assortment of Gift Basket Starters that you can make yourself! http://www.thefamilyhomestead.com/frugalchristmasgiftideas1.htm
  9. Twenty Five Days Twenty Five items all on one page.  http://www.mommysavers.com/frugal-christmas-25-days-of-homemade-gift-ideas/  These homemade and very frugal gift ideas can all be made fast and easy and there is something here for everyone!  Most of these can be made in an afternoon and many of them can be made from items you already have at home. This is a great list and a real keeper!
  10. Another list of Frugal Christmas Gift Ideashttp://www.moneyfunk.net/daily-grind/frugal-christmas-gift-ideas/   Lots of fun, simple and fast ideas that are great for a wide range of gifts recipients.
  11. The Big Lists of frugal Gifts you do not have not necessarily make – http://www.moneyfunk.net/daily-grind/frugal-christmas-gift-ideas/ Not everyone is crafty, so sometimes you need ideas that are frugal but do not require any special skill. Here you will find 63 ideas for everyone all ages.
  12. Here is a fun idea http://moneysavingqueen.com/December-2011/Frugal-Christmas-Gifts-Make-Your-Own-Bottle-Cap-Magnets-Memo-Board/ make your own memo board and use bottle cap magnets. Inexpensive and original this is sure to be a hit with anyone on your gift list.
  13. Here is another Pinterest Board filled with recycled, frugal and easy to make Christmas gifts. http://pinterest.com/tmperau/frugal-christmas-gifts/   whether you like to bake, sew or just do simple crafts this simple collection has a little bit of everything.
  14. Food Gifts in a Jar are quick easy and popular, this list is perfect for those looking for a fast gift for the food lover in their life.  http://frugalliving.about.com/od/gifts/a/Gifts_in_a_Jar.htm
  15. Check out these Amazing homemade gifts on this Pinterest board, you will love the originality and how easy it is to make something special without spending anything!  http://pinterest.com/loriclem/homemade-christmas-gifts/
  16. I absolutely love love love these unique gifts in a jar they are some of the most unique jars I have seen yet. http://frugalgranola.com/2011/12/non-traditional-christmas-gift-jars/
  17. And yet another Pinterest Link, filled with Great frugal Christmas Ideas, Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? http://pinterest.com/bloomingmama/frugal-christmas-ideas/
  18. Yet another idea from Money Saving Queen, I love these little liquid bracelets and who would think they would be so easy and cheap to make yourself! Love it! http://moneysavingqueen.com/December-2011/Frugal-Christmas-Gifts-Day-22-DIY-Liquid-Bracelets/
  19. These food gift jars are just beautiful! If you really want to make something that is going to stand out and make you look creative these jars are perfect!  http://acultivatednest.com/2012/11/10-homemade-gifts-in-a-jar-from-your-kitchen/

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