8 Frugal Gift Wrapping Ideas

Posted on Dec 19 2016 - 12:44pm by Liz E.


So, you’ve got that perfect gift and you know that whoever you bought it for is going to be super excited about it. But, now you have to wrap it, somehow. But, if you’ve looked at gift wrap recently, you know that most of the non-creepy wrapping papers are upwards of $3 for a single roll. Talk about crazy! Sure, you could buy the weird deformed snowman wrapping paper from the $1 store, but if you want a really cool-looking present, then it’s time to start thinking about some alternative wrapping paper.

Here are 8 frugal present wrapping ideas that look just as awesome but cost a fraction of the price.

1. Old newspapers

Depending on who you’re giving the gift to, the Sunday comics and the classifieds both look really good as wrapping paper. Just be sure to read it first if you use other sections of the paper—nothing will dampen a holiday like a fire or homicide wrapped around a gift!

2. A brown paper bag

Cut open a brown paper bag, which you can usually get free or nearly free from some stores when you go grocery shopping, and use that for wrapping. The options are endless. You can use a stamp for a pretty design, have your children decorate it, wrap twine around it and hang an ornament from it, glue a doily to the top, curl some ribbon to make a pretty bow, or even just cut out a simple construction paper star or tree and put it on top to make it look awesome.

3. Tissue paper

Generally speaking, tissue paper is much cheaper than wrapping paper, and it only takes a couple sheets to be opaque enough to wrap a present. This is great for kids, as it’s easier to open. Wrap some bright colored ribbon around it, and voila!

3. A basket

Place your gift in a pretty basket with some bows instead of worrying about wrapping paper. This works great and the basket itself can also be part of the gift. If you want your recipient to have something to open, or don’t want to display the contents, cover it with tissue paper.

4. Pretty glass jars

jars-present-wrappingThere’s a reason that mason jars and the like are so popular. In addition to crafts, pretty glass jars can make a great tool for gift giving as they can be reused in so many different ways.

5. Dish towels or cloth napkins

Why not wrap your gift in something that they will actually use? You can purchase large dish towels for fairly cheap, or make cloth napkins out of any large scrap by hemming the edges into a square or rectangular shape. Tie the whole thing up with a bow!

6. Drawing paper or end rolls from a printer

Many newspaper printers and other printing companies will sell the tail end of their rolls, and the resulting blank paper is great for both crafts and gift wrapping! You can also buy big rolls of drawing paper online.

7. Reusable boxes

reusable-present-wrapping2Sure, this is a little more expensive upfront, but if you buy some pretty reusable boxes, then you can wrap gifts for free for years! Just make sure to only give them within the family so you don’t look strange asking for them back!

8. Letters, construction paper, or children’s essays and worksheets

Basically any paper can be used for wrapping! It can be fun to wrap distant relatives presents with the schoolwork your children bring home (you could even have the child write a note about the paper to update them on school). Another alternative is to write a letter or poem on a regular piece of paper and wrap it around the present.

What do you use instead of wrapping paper? Share with me in the comments below!!

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