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Posted on Jan 29 2009 - 4:16pm by Patty

I just posted this on the message boards and thought readers might enjoy it as well.


As most of you know, my husband has been unemployed for the past 3 months, with more and more stores shutting down, we don’t expect that to change, at least till we move back out west.
In the mean time, we have found that we did not need to sit and do nothing, that there were ways to make extra cash, just using our brain and typing and Internet skills.
Because we think our best hope is to move back out west, and find a place where the cost of living is less, and jobs are not as depressed as they are where we live now ( factory central, it seems like a day does not go by where there is not a store closing or more layoffs announced.), we have been working towards raising the money, to make our move out there.
It is a little known fact that you can make money writing articles or writing for blogs, that as long as you can write something interesting and know how to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, that you can make a fair amount of cash doing this.

The site to start at for anyone just beginning is Associate content, and let me give you a bit of a low down on how to do this.

1) Start by signing up for a free account.

2) There is 2 ways to do articles, either claim their calls for content, which are listed in your account or come up with your own content to write about.

3) They pay between $2.00 – $6.00 plus residuals, for each article you write, depending on its originality, how well it is written, and how long it is. The average is around 3.50 it seems, for a 400 word article.

4) Sometimes you will not be able to sell an article, but you can always post the article and get paid per visit, but most every article sells.

5) This is a lot easier than it sounds, many of the people on this site can’t write or spell very well, but are still being paid for their work, and if you know how to type you can turn out a 400 word article, in 30 minutes, which is usually the minimum word count.

6) There are a number of online tools to help you find out what will sell, and then for when you write, to help you with your spelling and grammar.

There are other ways to do this, there are hubs you can write for that pay you for page views, and yet others that let you add your own advertising for which you get paid for.
You can get paid to write for blogs on different topics, but this is something I am still looking into and will post about when I have more info.
AFTER you have written for a while, there are hubs such as Elance where you can bid on jobs and get contracts from publishers for your work. You start out small on the lower paying jobs and work your way up to better jobs as you get paid and get feed back for your work. These are generally better paying than Associated content, but they are not always, you might need to start lower, and work your way up.
For someone that is just looking for a few extra dollars every week, this can be a very easy way to make that extra cash. A couple hours a day can easily net you between $20 – $50 dollars a week depending on how fast you can research and type. You don’t have to be a professional, and you don’t need a college degree, chances are you can make good money this way, if it is something you enjoy doing, and have the extra time to devote to it.

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