10 Foods You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

Posted on Jan 4 2017 - 12:09pm by Liz E.


Food is expensive, and the price of constantly buying fresh food can really multiply quickly. However, there are some foods that you regrow from kitchen scraps. With just a bit of patience and some gardening know-how, you may never have to buy these 10 foods again!


avocado-1287100_960_720The quest for the perfect avocado can be complicated, but growing your own can be a lot of fun—provided you have the patience.

What you need: an avocado pit, toothpicks, a glass of warm water, and a sunny area

What to do: Clean off the pit and stick three or four toothpicks in the pit at equal distances, then suspend it over a glass of water, with the bottom inch or so in water. Sprouts will form after five or six weeks, and can be planted once they are at least five inches tall.

Basil and Cilantro

basil-1283649_960_720Fresh basil and cilantro can make any dish shine, and they are ridiculously easy to sprout at home.

What you need: A few clippings, a glass of water, sunlight

What to do: Set the stems in clear water, making sure to keep the leaves dry. Change the water occasionally. Roots will eventually form, and you can replant them or leave them in water in the fridge.


celery-692867_960_720Homegrown celery takes a little while to grow, but is actually healthier for you with fewer pesticides.

What you need: The bottom, white part of the celery, a bowl of warm water, direct sunlight

What to do: Place the celery in the bowl and just let it do its thing. Once roots form, it can be replanted.


ginger-1714196_960_720Ginger is great for an upset stomach and requires absolutely no fussing to regrow.

What you need: Some whole ginger root, a place to plant it

What to do: Plant it in soil with the bud facing upwards. Water, and let it grow! Harvest whatever you need, being sure to leave enough to keep the plant alive.

Lettuce and Bok Choy

bok-choy-1922455_960_720Much like celery, growing your own from scraps isn’t too hard; just don’t expect to be able to do it in the kitchen window.

What you need: The base of the lettuce, a bowl of water, sunlight, a spray bottle to mist

What to do: Set the lettuce in the water and mist it regularly to keep is moist until roots form. Then plant and give it plenty of water!


mushrooms-756406_960_720Buying mushrooms and planting them is much safer than trying to forage—and so easy!

What you need: Whole mushrooms, a pot of soil

What to do: Pull off the cap of the mushroom and plant the stem with just a little sticking up.


onionMost types of onions, including white, red, green, and vidalia can be regrown from scraps.

What you need: The root end of the onion, soil, a warm sunny area

What to do: Place the root in the soil and water evenly; it should grow on its own.


potatoes-1585060_960_720Although using potatoes that have already sprouted in the bin is good, that’s not the only option for growing your own

What you need: Raw potato chunks or peelings with eyes, soil

What to do: Whether you’re using chunks of potatoes or the peelings, let it sit for a couple days to harden, then plant it with the eye facing upwards.

Sweet Potatoes

sweet-potato-534874_960_720Technically, this isn’t from a kitchen scrap, but sacrificing a potato is well worth the effort.

What you need: Sweet potato, toothpicks, water

What to do: Cut the potato in half and, using toothpicks, suspend above water. Wait until sprouts form and, when they are 4 inches tall, twist them off and place in water. Once roots form, plant in soil.


turnip-1129_960_720Turnips are extremely easy to regrow and great for a homegrown salad!

What you need: A turnip top, a bowl of warm water

What to do: Place the turnip top in the water and wait for roots to form. Once they are established, plant it.

Have you ever grown anything from kitchen scraps? Know of any awesome plants we missed? Leave a note below!

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