Living With a Spouse Who loves to Spend it All

Posted on Mar 5 2009 - 3:10pm by Patty

toy-phoneOk so I told my husband I was writing this post, but I think he forgot, so shhhhhhh!  I envy those of you out there with frugal husbands, and I even envy those of you that have husbands who at least listen to reason.

Mine has all the sense of a two years in pursuit of an all day sucker, especially when it comes to new electronic toys. Even with the economy in a downturn, and with us unemployed, this dog is determined to get his bone each and every time.

I go in search of good advice to curb his constant hunger for the latest and greatest, the most extravagant treats, and anything else he can get his money hungry hands on.

Don’t get me wrong I love my husband, he is a goof who makes me laugh even on the worst day ever, and he always makes me smile, so why is it, that taking him shopping is worse than laying on a bed of nails. Now I know most of you would say….so don’t take him shopping, well that is great, but he LOVES to shop, and thinks since he is unemployed that we are inseparable, joined at the hip, siamese twins and partners in crime.

My husband wants every new electronic toy that comes along, not because we need it, or because of the status it brings but only because he loves toys and wants to play with them all.  I wish he could be happy with playing with one on the shelf, and leaving it there, but no sadly he wants to bring them home.

And if one argues with him, ahhh yes there is where the 2 year old child turns petulant, and should I win round 1 there is always rounds 2-100 to look forward to.

Does this sound familiar? if it does share your strategies for dealing with your fun loving, spend happy, soul mate!

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