Getting The Most Value From Your Purchases

Posted on Mar 4 2009 - 12:19am by Patty

We all desire to save money, but the time comes when we just have to make a purchase. At this time we need to decide if we want to spend the least amount, or get the best value. That’s right, they are not always the same thing. I visit a re-sale shop locally & I do find some good deals there, but I also find very bad deals as well.

An example is men’s jeans. I can buy my hubby jeans he likes and that fit & wear well for about $15.00 new. Because he is hard on jeans, I keep my eyes out for second hand when I can. Lately I have been seeing these (at the re-sale store) for $11.99 ~ used. I am not referring to high end name brand jeans, but ones similar to what my hubby wears! Yes $11.99 is cheaper ( not by much) though clearly the new is a better value, since they should have more wear. This will seem obvious to many of you, but there are other times where spending more is actually a better value. The trick is to be aware of what you need & what purpose it will serve. Then you can decide on what the best value is for you.

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