Why You Should Embrace Minimalism

Posted on Jan 26 2017 - 1:16pm by Mary G.


Too often in today’s society, people get caught up in material items and try to keep up with a standard of living that they can’t afford. Or, even if they can afford it, creates a life filled with clutter and items that just don’t bring any lasting satisfaction.

In the past, even with our parents generation, people seemed to be okay with having less and there was no need to keep up with the latest fad that everyone was posting on Facebook.

Being a minimalist is about focusing on things that hold a high value to us, in most cases not material items, and trying to remove other things that distract us. Here’s why you should embrace it:

  • Save Money

This one almost goes without saying, but just a friendly reminder than having a minimalist mindset will definitely help you save some money, or at least spend it on better things. If you’re able to embrace a minimalist mindset, in turn you’ll spend less money on physical items that’s meaning will fade with time.

  • Have More Experiences

Branching off the idea of spending less money on material items, keeping a minimalist mindset will refocus your extra money to experiences instead of possessions. I’d much rather have memories of a family vacation to a national park (which are pretty affordable to visit) than the new iPhone which will be outdated in a year.

  • Be Happier

Embracing the concept of minimalism helps you decrease the urge to always have more and more and helps you connect to your own happiness instead of connecting to the stuff you surround yourself with. Plus, less stuff means less need to constantly clean and organize, and who doesn’t love that?

Living a minimalist lifestyle ranges from mild to extreme, but even just planting the seed in your mind will help you start to implement the actions and strategies.

What makes minimalism appeal to you? Share with me in the comments!

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