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Posted on Apr 7 2009 - 12:12pm by Patty

Many people like to go on a weekly or monthly ‘date’ with their spouse. This  can really be a great time to get away to connect, but the cost can really add up (especially with babysitters). What can you do? Do things that cost less & still have fun.

There are many levels of spending for this type of activity so I don’t know how much these tips can save you (since I don’t know what you’re spending now) If you’re not spending anything on this I can’t save you a dime, but maybe I can give you a few new ideas. Creativity & variety are so important when trying to be frugal.

Free (or almost)
Go to a library together & browse. By checking a book out to read you will gain a topic to discuss.

Does your hubby fish? If so, why not join him if you don’t already? A license in my state is about $15-$20 for a whole year. If you really don’t want to fish, you can still go with for company.

Check out a local High School schedule. You may find band concerts, choir concerts or sporting events~ all of which are still free here. (but stay away from concessions )

Go to a local Lake (or mountain) to watch the sunrise or sunset. Take a Thermos of coffee or cocoa & a snack.

Pack a picnic & enjoy a park.

Still cheap
See a matinee. If you skip the snacks, a couple can see a movie for about $10.00 where I live.

Any local deals? We have a concert association which charges $35 for a yearly pass. This gives you access to 6 concerts throughout the year. A family pass is only $60. That’s only $5-$6 per concert!

Do one of the above free items, and add a stop for a fancy coffee or a dessert.

Check for local free or greatly reduced events (like museum admissions, fee zoo days etc)

And lastly…what about the babysitting? Swap 1-2 days a month with a friend so you both can have some time away with your spouse.

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    good ideas

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