The Week’s Best Free Samples

Posted on Feb 15 2009 - 8:39pm by Patty

Samples from 8-26-07

You know, free samples are an amazing thing given to us by companies.  I know that companies give out free samples to try to lure consumers in to buy that product plus other products that they manufacture, but in my opinion a free sample is much more to me than a lure for my business.  I request every single free sample that I come across.

I know some of you may not agree with me on that but it is something I do.  I know that if it is a sample that I can use great I just got something for free.  But even if it isn’t a sample that I can use, someone else can.  Those samples can be placed into a little gift basket and given as a gift or a party favor, they can be boxed up and sent to our troops overseas, they can be donated to a needy family that you personally know, or just simply passed along to a friend that you know would use it.

Free samples are so versitile, and better yet those little freebies often come with a money saving coupon inside!  So not only do you get a free item, you get a coupon good towards another item which often times makes that full sized item nearly free.  Can’t beat that.

Here are a few links to some current free sample offers available on the internet:

Free Sample Metamucil:
Free Sample Benefiber:
Free Sample Always Infinity Feminine Pad:
Free Sample Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse:
Free Sample NicoDerm CQ:
Free Sample Total Cranberry Crunch Cereal:
Free Sample Cream Of Wheat:
Free Sample Nutrish Dog Food:

You can also find many more sample offers at

Go ahead and sign up for some of these free samples I have listed and check out Thrifty Hearts for some others as well.  Right now our country is going through some difficult economic times and many families are being affected by it.  You never know when a sample of laundry detergent, a free tissue, a free diaper, a sample of cereal or even a granola bar might come in handy.  Enjoy…

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