Save the money-lose the weight!

Posted on Feb 3 2009 - 9:07am by Patty

Eating less and eating healthy can be frugal and help you lose weight too!

I have heard a lot lately about losing weight that concerns me. It seems the diet industry or the media has got us thinking we need to spend a lot of money to lose weight. Let me get this straight…to lose weight (IE. eat less food) I need to spend more money? Does this strike you as a bit odd? Because you can lose weight while keeping a tight hold on your grocery budget.
Now, I am not addressing special health concerns, and I know that can take a huge bite out of a budget. I’m just going to discuss a few ways we all can lose a few pounds.

First, think hard about portion size. Many people eat far more than they need or even want. Try eating 25% less at your next meal. If you are hungry later, you can have a small snack. This one act can help you lose weight, while not even changing your lifestyle.

Next, can you replace a higher fat item with a lower fat? A good example for me is tacos. When I make tacos, I add re-fried beans right to the meat. This lowers the overall cost, adds fiber & lowers fat per serving. You still get to eat the same amount, but you will feel fuller longer (because of the fiber) and again…you will lose weight.

Lastly, what about produce? You have to get your fruits and veggies and they are very expensive, right? They can be, and so I won’t tell you to buy blueberries & zucchini at this time of year. But carrots, apples and oranges are all reasonable right now, so eat those up. You want more variety? Try frozen vegetables and fruits out. Their cost will stay more consistent all year.

One benefit to losing weight this way? You can eat like a normal person, right alongside your family. You don’t have to feel like you’re announcing to the world “sorry I can’t eat that…I’m on a diet”.

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