Reasons Why You Should Be Frugal

Posted on Nov 23 2016 - 12:39pm by Liz E.


Photo by 401(K) 2012

Photo by 401(K) 2012

In this day and age, the idea of living frugally, or living cheaply really has something of a stigma to it. It seems like everywhere you turn, there is some advertisement telling you that you need this or you ought to go do that, and it’s ONLY $49.99!!

But, despite what the average American will tell you, none of that is even remotely necessary for your health and happiness. In fact, I might argue that it’s better to be frugal, in many ways. Here are just a handful of reasons why, the next time someone shakes their head at you or calls you a penny-pincher, you should just hold your head high anyway.

It eliminates stress

Whether you’re choosing to be frugal to help make ends meet, to save money for something, or it’s a conscious choice to get out of debt and improve the quality of life, being frugal can lead to a lot less stress in the long run. Imagine having the money to pay all of your bills, or being able to save a little back at the end of each month for a cushion! It takes time and work, but eventually all that bill stress will go away because you’ll finally have some breathing room.

It’s healthier

One of the easiest ways to be frugal is to make more things from scratch, which is actually much healthier for you. Eating out all the time is both expensive and hard on your waistline, and pre-made foods often contain lots of chemicals and preservatives. Making everything from scratch is much healthier and also tastes better!

It’s smart

Living within your means (or even below it) is, frankly, smart. Reducing your debt, paying off bills, and saving back is simply good life decisions. Our grandparents and even parents learned this long ago, but the younger generations seem to have missed that lesson. While you have to have credit to buy big things like a car or house, usually, you don’t need tons of credit card bills and expensive furniture. Besides, do-it-yourself is totally in fashion!

It’s practical

In my personal experience, there are not many name brands that are really¬†that much better, especially when you’re talking foods. Now, with furniture and clothes you sometimes get what you pay for, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a thrift shop to pick up some fantastic quality and unique pieces that are way less expensive. Save your money for things that really matter.

It’s satisfying

There’s nothing better than when you get in the real swing of frugality and are able to live the same (or even better) than your friends for a fraction of the cost. It might make me a little petty, but I find it strangely satisfying when my friends who buy expensive pre-made food gush over my homemade sweets (which cost me way less than their store-bought pies). Living frugally really is the best way to go.

So, why are you frugal? I’d love to hear your stories! Share with me in the comments below!

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