Pocket Book Savings Tip of the Week for January 22nd

Posted on Jan 22 2009 - 8:34pm by Patty

Make your coffee at home, do not swing through the drive through for a cup.

You might not realize how much money this simple tip will save you, but over time it can really add up. For example my husband loves his Starbucks! Unfortunately our pocket books do not love his Starbucks! He goes for the big cup with an extra shot in it (honestly I have no clue what the extra shot is since I am not a coffee lover myself but I know it isn’t alcoholic since it is from Starbucks, LOL!). Anyway, his coffee runs around $3.50 a cup! OUCH! Now occasionally that $3.50 wouldn’t break the bank, but if my DH had his way he would drink one every day that he had to go to work, something about it helps him to deal with some of the people who shop at Home Depot and also some of his fellow employees. Let’s look at the savings that could be had from simply making his morning coffee at home and sending it with him in an insulated cup…

1 day: $3.50
1 week: $17.50
1 month: $70.00
1 year: $840.00

Can you believe that one small action can save you over $800 a year? I know that not everyone drinks the same cup of coffee that my husband does but the results will be similar. You will save a lot more money by making your own cup of coffee rather than swinging through the drive through.

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