Frugal Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Posted on Nov 25 2016 - 12:54pm by Liz E.


Winter is finally here, and that means that the days are shorter, the wind is a little sharper, and motivation, for me, is at an all-time low. Add to all the darkness and cold the constant pressure to buy, buy, buy, and it’s understandable that people can get a little depressed during the cold months.

But don’t fear! There are ways that you can combat the depression, save some money, and still have fun! Here are a few ways to get your good mood back:

Put your crafting hat on

One of my favorite ways to beat the blues is to be creative—which, admittedly, doesn’t always come easy when you’re down, so make sure to grab a friend or family member to craft with you! Whether you’re making homemade gifts, finishing up a DIY project that you started in the warmer months, or simply making something for the fun of it, getting your brain working is productive and a mood enhancer.

Get in the kitchen

Whether you’re a baker or a cook, making something that you can share with the family is a great pastime. Baking, especially, is great in the winter months as it helps heat the house (saving on the heating bill!) and also results in some yummy treats. Consider experimenting in the kitchen this winter, or even make some cookies and sweets to give as frugal gifts to your friends!

Spend time with family and friends

Despite what the television advertisements will tell you, the holidays are actually meant to bring you closer to family and friends. This winter, don’t spend all your time sitting inside or window-shopping—host a potluck brunch with some friends, take the kids to a museum, or go on a frugal date with your spouse. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the winter without spending a lot of money!

Take a walk

I know it’s a little cold outside, but there’s nothing that will make your mood better than a bit of sunshine. Bundle up and take a walk outside to lift your spirits, get your blood pumping, and get some exercise.

What do you do to beat the winter blues? Tell me in the comments below!

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