50 Fun Frugal Hobbies You Can Start for $10 or Less

Posted on Mar 5 2017 - 12:53pm by Liz E.

50 Fun Frugal Hobbies You Can Start for $10 or Less | Mom's Frugal

Studies have proven that having a hobby is good for your mental health as they can help you relax. However, some hobbies can be incredibly expensive and simply don’t fit with the frugal lifestyle. But, despite what you might think, there are plenty of hobbies which are actually pretty cheap or even free to start. For a few, you might need to borrow an item (like a fishing pole or tent) from a friend or family member, but the actual activity is pretty cheap to get started, and you can slowly build up from there.

Artistic hobbies

  1. easel-148266_960_720Write a poem, story, or blog
  2. Learn calligraphy
  3. Try your hand at Photography or photo editing
  4. Sing or play a musical instrument
  5. Join community theater
  6. Draw or paint
  7. Color in a coloring book
  8. Try whittling or carving
  9. Knit or crochet
  10. Scrapbook your photos

Outdoorsy hobbies

  1. backpack-145841_960_720Grow food or flowers
  2. Hike at your local park or preserve
  3. Go camping with a friend
  4. Picnic at the park
  5. Fish with a friend
  6. Go spelunking
  7. Try Geocaching
  8. Take walks
  9. Go swimming in the ocean or a pond
  10. Go birdwatching

Active hobbies

  1. exercise-2029431_960_720Jogging
  2. Exercise at home or a gym
  3. Try Yoga
  4. Join a sport team
  5. Go Dancing
  6. Go swimming at a local pool
  7. Bowl with friends
  8. Learn Tai Chi
  9. Play Pokemon Go
  10. Lift weights

Educational hobbies

  1. books-42701_960_720Read a new book
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Study an interesting topic
  4. Learn web design or programming
  5. Visit museums and art galleries
  6. Stargaze
  7. Follow current events or politics
  8. Play Sudoku or a crossword
  9. Play chess
  10. Improve your memory with brain training

Other hobbies

  1. notepad-117597_960_720Learn to juggle
  2. Play board games
  3. Play cards
  4. VolunteerĀ in your community
  5. Go thrift shopping
  6. Plot your family history
  7. Find a pen pal
  8. Learn magic tricks
  9. Learn origami
  10. People watch in public spaces

What cheap or free hobbies do you have? Share with me below!!

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