5 Creative and Cheap Family Nights at Home

Posted on Jun 6 2014 - 10:12pm by Patty


Creative and Cheap Family Fun Nights at HomeCreating evenings when the family gets together and spends time and attention on each other is the goal of most parents who want their kids to take a break from their computers and iPads. Most parents are eager for ideas to make family nights fun, exciting and full of memories but do not want to spend too much for just one night, especially with costs of groceries and home maintenance going higher and higher. If you are on a tight budget but still want to give your family great memories of fun nights spent at home, you can easily do so. There are so many ways to have fun evenings with the entire family and you might not even need to spend for anything! Here are the top 5 fun and frugal ideas for cheap family nights at home.

Scavenger Hunt Night

Scavenger hunts are always fun, exciting and will take about an hour to prepare. You will need:

  • treasure
  • good hiding places
  • strips of paper where you can write instructions

Create a theme, split the family into groups, make a list of 10 to 15 items or treasure that need to be found and hide them, and get the hunt going! This is suitable for families of five and more, and can be done all over the house. You would not have to spend for anything if you use ordinary house items as ‘treasure’ and just spend a few dollars on the prize. Or better yet, spend it on a tub of ice cream that the entire family can enjoy when the hunt is done.
Cost: $5

Gourmet Night

Teach the kids how to appreciate good food by having a gourmet dinner night. Prepare the easiest gourmet dish you can make or give ordinary dishes like mac and cheese a gourmet twist, decorate the dining room to look like a restaurant and have the kids dress up in their Sunday best. Kids love to play pretend and you add to the fun by joining in and providing real food. You will need:

  • simple gourmet dish or ordinary meals like sandwiches or mac and cheese and just add a bit of gourmet twist
  • clear and bubbly fruit juice in wine glasses
  • your best china
  • tablecloths, string lights, someone to play waiter

Cost: $10-15

Show and Tell Night

This idea is guaranteed to be frugal and fun, something that the kids will definitely enjoy. Plan a show and tell night where each child gets to pick out something interesting and present it to the rest of the family. You will need:


  • make-shift platform and backdrop
  • string lights
  • kids with their show and tell items
  • an eager audience

Set up a small stage in the living room, decorate with string lights, a DIY-backdrop with SHOW n’ TELL in big letters, and even a microphone to round out the entire effect. Get everyone’s cooperation to make sure that an audience is ready with applause as each child steps up for show and tell.
Cost: $0

How-to Night

Teach the kids something new during by having one How-to Night each week. To make it fun and interesting, you can get their suggestions about what they want to learn each week. Whether it’s how to bake brownies, how to use a camera, or how to create plush owls, you can make each How-to Night interesting and informative for the kids. You will need:

  • anything you need for each How-to session (stick to stuff you already have in the house to avoid spending for anything)



Special-visitor Night

Invite a friend over or someone who the kids love like a favorite aunt or uncle, or even grandma and grandpa and set up activities with them. Have them tell stories, eat cookies with the kids or watch movies. You can even let the kids choose the babysitter if they have a favorite! Let the kids choose who they want to have over, and help them prepare formal invites a few days ahead. This will teach kids a few things about being social and hospitable, as well as important things about etiquette.
Cost: $0

There you have it, five fun and frugal ways to make nights at home more entertaining for both the adults and kids in the house. You only need to spend a few dollars or nothing at all with these ideas but you are guaranteed to create cherished family memories that your kids will definitely appreciate when they grow up.


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