20 Ways to Avoid Saying You’re Broke

Posted on Apr 13 2017 - 12:11pm by Liz E.


One of the hardest parts of being frugal is having to constantly say no. I might be going out to an expensive restaurant with friends, buying that cool and random thing at the store, or anything of the myriad of other things that cost money, but either way it can be hard. The trick to smoothing things over with friends is really to be as honest as you can.

However, constantly explaining that you’re broke can get old really quick. So, while you don’t want to always lie, sometimes a little bending of the truth can help smooth things over.

So the next time you’re a little tight on money and don’t want to say it again, here are some other ways to avoid spending money you don’t really have:

When you have no money to go out

  1. I’m not feeling well/the kids are sick
  2. I’ve already got plans
  3. I kind of just want to be home and relax
  4. Why don’t we (insert free activity) instead?
  5. Why don’t we hang out at my place instead?
  6. I don’t have time this week, but maybe next week
  7. I’ve already spent my play money this week
  8. I don’t really feel like doing that
  9. I’m trying to save up for (thing) so I probably shouldn’t
  10. No, I’ve got to go home and (insert boring chore or activity here)

When you have no money to spend on things

  1. I’ve already got one
  2. I saw something just like this on Pinterest
  3. Nah, I don’t really like it
  4. I’ll have to think about it
  5. When I get paid, I’ll definitely have to come back
  6. I wish they had it in a different color
  7. Where would I put it?
  8. I’ve already got way too many things in my house
  9. I don’t really think that’s worth the money
  10. That fits you better than me

Do you have any fantastic tips for getting around the awkward money conversation with friends and family? Share with me below!

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