10 Things To Never Throw Away

Posted on Dec 16 2016 - 12:23pm by Liz E.


And undeniable part of being frugal is the ability to sometimes make the most out of less. Whether that means getting crafty, simply recycling, or even reusing things, you’d be surprised how much you can save simply by being careful about what you throw away and what you repurpose. Here is a list of 10 things you should never throw away, as there are always ways that they can be repurposed.

1. Squirt bottles

You’d be amazed how easy it is to reuse squirt ketchup, mustard, or even honey bottles. Using it to direct water on when grilling, load it with paints for the kids, or host an impromptu water fight!

2. Mason jars

In addition to actually canning with mason jars, the list of mason jar crafts is literally endless. A few minutes on Pinterest or even just browsing the internet will show old mason jars being used for everything from lamps to candleholders.

3. Tin cans

From making adorable decor to useful storage for pens and other things, tin cans are definitely something that you shouldn’t throw away. Just be careful of the lip as it may be sharp! Also, many cans can also be recycled, which is always a good idea for any extras you have.

4. Books

old-books-1237532_960_720You should never throw away books. Not only because books are kind of amazing and knowledge should never be wasted or destroyed, but also because books can be made into the coolest crafts. From floating shelves to hollowing out the inside, you can definitely find a use for that book. If you can’t, then donate it to a library, school, or a thrift store.

5. Wooden boxes

Most people store their items in cardboard boxes or those super ugly plastic totes, but I tend to prefer how wooden crates and boxes look, and they’re way more durable. You can also make quite a few neat things from them including shelves and end tables.

6. Clothing

closet-912694_960_720Whether the clothing is a little too small, or has a stain or rip, there’s no reason to throw it away. Many times, smaller clothing items can either be let out a little or else reused some other way. For clothing with a stain or rip, you can sew up the hole, try and use the areas not stained or ripped, or else scrap it and send it to the rag bin. If it really can’t be saved, send it to a thrift store where someone else can make use of it.

7. Baby food jars

Jars are infinitely useful, no matter the size and chances are if you have a child, you have probably gone through hundreds of baby food jars. From storing food and objects to adorable crafts like salt and pepper shakers or even snow globes, baby food jars are surprisingly reusable.

8. Baskets

baskets_four_stylesMy mother in particular has an addiction to baskets, and you’d be amazed how useful they can be. From storing old magazines to fruit, toys, hair clips, or even warm bread with a napkin, baskets are pretty versatile. And some of them are super cute too!

9. Glass bottles

Pretty glass bottles are ridiculously useful for storing items while looking cool at the same time!. You can give them away as gifts or reuse them as storage in the kitchen or any other room. Use small bottles for things like buttons or glitter, and larger ones for household products or small craft things like buttons.

10. Newspapers

news-1591767_960_720I never throw away newspapers. If you’re a crafter or DIY person like me, then newspapers are your best friend when it comes to protecting your table and other surfaces. They’re also really great for storing breakable objects, can be used as wrapping paper, and to help start a fire in the fireplace or firepit.

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